Top 25 – Female Performances in 2018

Something very positive from 2018 was how many fantastic roles in film we had for women, this list was extremely difficult to put together this year as I certainly had a lot to choose from! That can obviously only be a very good thing in my opinion.

Here are the 25 performances that made it onto my list . . .

25. Beattie Edmondson – Patrick (Review)
I really thought this was such a lovely breakout role for Edmondson who was very impressive leading the film. A film which had a nice subject matter at its heart, having a pug dog as your co-star was never going to be easy.

24. Lily James – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Review)
I felt this was a real hidden gem of a film and that was mainly due to James’ performance. She was brilliant in the leading role as a writer who was searching for a story and ended up finding something unexpected.

23. Constance Wu – Crazy Rich Asians (Review)
I wasn’t expecting to like this film as much as I did and I was really impressed with Wu. The American-Chinese girl who was taken completely out of her comfort zone and I am sure we can all relate to some of the things her character has to go though.

22. Viola Davis – Widows (Review)
Can it even be a top performance list if Davis doesn’t appear on it? I very much doubt it in all honesty. Widows certainly was a very impressive film because of so many performances, Davis is leading the line as the woman who must stop at nothing to protect herself following the death of her husband after some dodgy business.

21. Saoirse Ronan – Lady Bird (Review)
Over the past few years I have found myself becoming more of a fan of Ronan who really does get to show off what a fine actress she is. That was shown in Lady Bird a coming of age drama with some amusing moments.

20. Claire Foy – The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Review)
How could Foy get rid of being the Queen in The Crown from everyone’s minds? Become Lisbeth Salander of course! While the film had plenty of problems the performance from Foy was not one of them as she was allowed to show a new side to her acting ability.

19. Allison Janney – I, Tonya (Review)
I am going to be brutally honest about I, Tonya and that I really hated the film but something I could appreciate was Janney’s fantastic performance. Her character was horrible but that really does often give some outstanding acting opportunities.

18. Meryl Streep – The Post (Review)
How can you not be impressed with Streep in a powerful female role? I certainly was and thought as usual she put in a performance of the highest quality. Working very well with Tom Hanks.

17. Laurie Metcalf – Lady Bird (Review)
Metcalf more than stole the show in Lady Bird as the mother and that was something that I found a joy to watch, I haven’t really seem much about her career so it was very pleasing to watch.

16. Claire Foy – Unsane (Review)uns_20171205._1.106.1.tif
I truly outstanding performance from Foy as a woman who is losing her mind and placed in a mental institute when she admits to suicidal thoughts after being stalked. But is her stalker actually working there?

15. Emily Blunt – A Quiet Place (Review)
Blunt worked so well with her real life husband as her on-screen husband in this film where they weren’t allowed to speak or the creatures would get them. The pregnancy bath scene was the most impressive moment for Blunt.

14. Imelda Staunton – Finding Your Feet (Review)
In recent years I have seen Staunton on stage in three different shows, both musical and play. Therefore I cannot help but rush to see any new film she is in. In Finding Your Feet she plays a woman who finds out her husband is having an affair and most take the bold step to leave him just as they were about to retire together.

13. Octavia Spencer – The Shape of Water (Review)
Shape of Water Oscars via Fox Searchlight Header
Is Spencer ever not good? I very much doubt it, I thought she put in a great performance opposite Hawkins having to take on a lot of the dialogue and doing so in such an impressive manner.

12. Elizabeth Debicki – Widows (Review)
In terms of female characters in Widows I felt Debicki really stole the show, considering her character seems to be the worst off after the husbands deaths. She is constantly slapped about by everyone and comes through in the best possible way.

11. Toni Collette – Hereditary (Review)
While I was not a huge fan of the film, Collette is haunting in this one and given so many chances to show off her intense acting. The screaming after one event is particularly memorable (and understandable).

10. Claire Foy – First Man (Review)
I am fully aware that this is third time I have Foy in the list, which just shows how many good performances she is put in, this time another different type as she must be the woman to hold everything together behind the scenes for Neil Armstrong.

9. Sally Hawkins – The Shape of Water (Review)Shape of Water Oscars via Fox Searchlight Header
Playing a mute character must be a tough ask for any actor, but Hawkins totally nails it in this film and makes it such a  watch from start to finish. This was my film of the year and Hawkins plays a huge part in why.

8. Emma Thompson – The Children Act (Review)
When is Thompson not brilliant? I guess never. I thought she pushed the boundaries in this role as judge who must make some tricky decisions. Whilst also having to deal with her husband admitting to having an affair, trying to balance everything when her life is falling apart.

7. Rosamund Pike – Hostiles (Review)
Hostiles has a totally brutal opening scene and that gives Pike the chance to show how amazing she really is! As a traumatized woman she shows off a great performance and I was really blown away with her in this film.

6. Lady Gaga – A Star Is Born (Review)
A Star is Born
Some musicians have amazing transition into the film world and Lady Gaga is now one of them in A Star Is Born. Really showing that she can act as well as sing in the best possible way. I was impressed from start to finish she really does not disappoint at all.

5. Amandla Stenberg – The Hate U Give (Review)
Probably the youngest actress on the list and with very good reason, she has come a long way since The Hunger Games! I was blown away by Stenberg in The Hate U Give I thought she carried the film in spectacular fashion. Having to pretty much play two different characters due to the storyline.

4. Emily Blunt – Mary Poppins Returns (Review)
Quite possibly the trickiest role on this list, Blunt certainly had her work cut out for her being our second Mary Poppins. But great news she totally nails it and is fantastic in Returns. I was a little nervous before seeing it as such a huge Poppins fan, but I should have known Blunt would be great!

3. Frances McDormand – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Review)
Three Billboards
She won an Oscar and rightly so! If you want a truly kick ass female character who will more than defend and look after herself then you have to go for McDormand. She is outstanding each and every time she is on-screen.

2. Glenn Close – The Wife (Review)
This film is quite a tricky one really, as it is all about the performance from Close who is the wife of a very successful author who is receiving a noble prize. It is a very physical performance in terms of how often the acting is in Close’s eyes and I was just blown away by her!

1. Jamie Lee Curtis – Halloween (Review)
It’s take 40 whole years to get to this point, I will admit that I only saw the 1978 film in the build up to this being released so I haven’t seen any of the other films in the middle. But I thought Curtis was utterly amazing and rounded off the Halloween franchise in spectacular fashion with this very emotional role.

What female performances were your favourite in 2018? 

10 thoughts on “Top 25 – Female Performances in 2018

  1. Wonderful choices. 🙂 Big fan of the original Halloween movies, Jamie Lee Curtis is just amazing. And Toni Collette’s performance was definitely the highlight of Hereditary!

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