The One Where I Got More Friends Merch for Christmas!

That’s right following on from 2020’s Christmas Friends haul, this year I got a few more Friends related gifts, I absolutely love how many of my family and friends buy me Friends related merchandise! Just a reminder the year is 2021. Although you will notice that another TV series has snuck in for the calendar this year when I eventually caught up and became a massive Seinfeld fan!

This year it contained a lovely massive noodle bowl, with one of the greatest quotes of all time as I don’t share food either! A desk calendar, a little talkie of Ross and Rachel which has “Pivot, Pivot, Pivot” as a quote along with the classic of “We were on a break”, the lovely glass mug and turkey head bath bombs! I have also realised that I have missed off the pjs and nightie that are also friends related!

#FridayFakeCinemaClub – Special Event – Christmas Eve – It’s A Wonderful Life

With Christmas Eve falling on a Friday this year I have decided to put on a special event of #FridayFakeCinemaClub. This one is a little bit different though as I know a lot of people will have different commitments and traditions on Christmas Eve, so basically watch this film at any time on Christmas Eve and get talking about it!

Use the hashtag #FridayFakeCinemaClub on Twitter to join the conversation of what is often regarded as the greatest Christmas film of all time.

Start Time: Whenever you want!
Streaming Service: Sky Cinema

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Single All the Way (2021) Review

Peter has grown tired of his family wanting him to be with someone and convinces his best friend and housemate Nick to pose as his boyfriend, but this doesn’t really work when his mother Carole tries to set him up with James her personal trainer, returning hoe for Christmas just got a little bit complicated.


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