At the Flicks: 50 Favourite Films!

Not long after I published my Top 50 – Favourite Films the amazing guys from At the Flicks got in touch with me to see if I wanted to join them on their podcast in a special episode to talk about the films I had picked. I thought this would be a great idea as who doesn’t love talking about their favourite films with other people who also love films?

I had only been a guest on two podcasts before this one so this is only the third time, I have to admit that I am a little nervous doing them. But always throughly enjoy it! Especially this one as I basically gushed about my favourite films.

Please have a listen and let me know how many of my top 50 would be on yours as well!

Star on Disney+

Launch date: 23rd February 2021

That’s right Star is coming to Disney+ here in the UK and that means so much more content, that will be updated with more content as time goes on. This is an amazing addition to the service and it will probably be worth checking out the TV Shows as some will be removed from other services.

Check out the FULL LIST . . .

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The Mauritanian Premieres on Amazon Prime Video on 1st April 2021

I am really lucky to have already seen The Mauritanian (review here) and great news that the UK eventually has a release date for this hard hitting film, on Amazon Prime thanks to STX!

STX and Amazon Prime Video announced today that Kevin Macdonald’s highly anticipated thriller The Mauritanian will premier on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and Ireland on 1st April 2021.

The Mauritanian stars Jodie Foster, Tahar Rahim, Benedict Cumberbatch and Shailene Woodley. The film has been longlisted for an impressive 11 BAFTAs, including Best Film, and nominated for several other awards, including Golden Globe nods for Best Actor – Drama for Tahar Rahim and Best Supporting Actress for Jodie Foster.

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The Cheesiest Romantic Comedies of All Time

I received this via email in the past few days and thought I would share it with everyone! I guess it just helps to confirm why When Harry Met Sally is one of my all time favourite films!

Love is in the air and hearts are aflutter for a rom-com binge this Valentine’s Day, with global searches for “top romantic comedies” having risen by 350% in the last 7 days*. But among our favourite classics and modern romantic comedies, which are the cheesiest?

Interested in finding out, analysed all romantic occurrences in our favourite flicks to reveal how often we’re hit by a cheesy cliché.

Which romantic comedy is the cheesiest?

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Let’s Go To The Movies – 50 Favourite Films!

This is something I have been putting together for quite a long time now and I have held off posting it or even attempting to start the blog post in fear that I have forgotten and somehow missed a favourite film from the list. Barring in mind I got up to 72 films and then had to cut it down to the 50. I would like to make clear these are my favourite films, some might have happened to win Oscars as well and some certainly have not at all. The way I have decided on my favourites is the sheer joy they bring and the number of rewatches I have had over the years. While I have listed 1-50 a lot of them can be shifted around and changed with each other. It is going to highlight my love for musicals and for certain actors and actresses! I doubt it will contain many surprises though!

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Female Film Critics Speak Out – Volume 8

I was invited by the incredible Rachel from Rachel’s Reviews to take part in the latest volume of Female Film Critics Speak out and it was truly fantastic to talk to her and Orla Smith of Seventh Row.

I have always felt a little bit nervous doing video chats or podcasts but after taking part in my first podcast last year this has given me more confidence to take part in discussions like this, especially given the current lockdown restrictions was nice to be able to chat films with people!

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2020 Letterboxd Stats!

I signed up for Letterboxd way back in 2015. Yes, really! Although I didn’t actually start using it properly until the end of 2019 and therefore 2020 was the first full year that I logged every single film that I watched. Albeit not as many Cinema films as I would have liked, which leads me on to saying during the lockdown/furlough stage I spent a lot of time logging in the diary all of the films I had seen at the Cinema dating back to 2003 (yes, I still have my Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ticket). This obviously took a few weeks as I also logged the films I have review on here as well. So as you imagine a lot of time was taken to do this. It gives some amazing all-time stats though.

Here we can take a look at my 2020 stats and I am sure no one will be surprised with my most watched films either!

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Can You Identify All 24 Movie Cars From Just Their Number Plate?

If you fancy yourself a film buff and think you know your movie cars, Peter Vardy have created a quiz to put your expertise to the test over the festive season.

They’ve collated the number plates of 24 movie cars to test the knowledge of movie fans, asking them if they can identify cars the famous number plates belong to. Just a pre-warning: it’s much harder than it sounds.

Thought this was so good that I would share it!

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