Most Dangerous Game (2020) Review

Dodge Tynes is about to head on a rather crazy journey when he will do anything to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness will take his life, he agrees to participate in a deadly game which sees him become prey and hunted by other people trying to kill him. If he survives an hour more money is deposited into his bank account.


Dodge was beginning to feel unwell with horrendous headaches and could not cope much longer and when he collapsed one day and ended up in hospital, after tests had been completed he was told that he had an inoperable brain tumour and that he only had weeks to live! His pregnant wife Val could not cope with this and he then suddenly receives an interesting business card.

Miles Sellars was the sender of this and after a meeting makes him a very amazing offer that he could get a lot of money for his family to live on, as he had no insurance. This then leads to a rather deadly agreement when it turns out what Sellars convinced him to do was be prey for hunters in a real life style game to try and kill him. The longer he stays alive the more money is added into his account.

Parts of the film are quite interesting but I felt as though it got old fast and didn’t really push on as the early promise suggested. It reached a point where it was rather obvious that he could never trust anyone and that the person he thought was ok, was in fact hunting him as well. I did though want to find out how it all ended, so at the very least it does keep you engaged and quite frankly guessing on how that might all go, with a few twists and turns on the way.

Liam Hemsworth hasn’t had the same about of success as his older brother Chris but has some steady projects and is not afraid to enter into different genres. Christoph Waltz was just born to play bad guys though wasn’t he? I certainly think so and that was some good casting.

Having stumbled across this film on Amazon Prime Video I didn’t realise that it was actually released at one point as a tv series with rather short episodes, after it struggled to get distributed. Then Amazon picking it up and turning it back into a feature film. Have to say I was very confused when starting this review and finding it on IMDb and seeing a TV series all listed with episodes!

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