Lost in Translation (2003) Review


Bob Harris is a faded movie star who is in Tokyo to film a whiskey ad for the Japanese market. Staying in the same hotel is a young twenty something woman Charlotte is left on her own while her husband a photographer is working. The pair form a very unlikely bond and friendship when they really needed it the most.


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It Takes Two (1995) Review


Two identical strangers Alyssa and Amanda from very different backgrounds meet by chance one day and decide that swapping places would help change their lives for the better, or would it?


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You (Season 2) Review


Joe Goldberg is back as he moves from New York to Los Angeles in an attempt to escape his murderous past, changing to a new identity and claiming he is named Will. Promising not to do everything all over again he meets Love Quinn and the old Joe starts to show his colours as well as being haunted by Guinevere Beck.


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