West End – Come From Away & Anything Goes

That’s right today (31st July 2021) was my first West End shows since 2019 and I certainly managed to pick a truly incredible double whammy!

Come From Away a new musical that was just so lovely, heartbreaking and heartwarming all at one.

Anything Goes a Coke Porter musical and therefore a classic was on another level, what an amazing production.

Full reviews to follow just felt I needed to share this!

Cineworld Secret Screening 2 – Take 2!

Date: Wednesday 11th August 2021

Technically this is the 14th Secret Screening that Cineworld are going to have but they are calling it Secret Screening 2 just to make it even more confusing. As always when a Secret Screening is announced I like to put together some guesses for what the film could be.

Disclaimer: My track record for guessing is pretty poor but I still like to try and see if I can list the film that it ends up being in these posts. It’s just a little bit of fun after all!

*The running time listed on the Cineworld site is not correct its just a guide*

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Our Ladies (2019) Review

In 1996 a group of Catholic school girls from Fort William a town in the Scottish Highlands get the opportunity to go to Edinburgh for the day to take part in a choir competition, however this is the last thing they are interested in and more focused on drinking, partying and finding men to hook up with.


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