If you would like to help out and support Let’s Go To The Movies you can do so by donating below. Anything donated will go towards Cinema and Theatre costs. Along with website domain and keeping it ad free!

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One thought on “Support

  1. Hi here!

    I made a little preview for a shortfilm that I would like to make with vampires, werewolfs and other creatures as my thesis film this year. It’s called: “Odd Creatures Among Us”. I’ve put it up on Kickstarter for fundraising and it is now online!
    I just wanted to know if you like it and think that it has a future and its not that much crap, than is there any chances you could help me with spreading the word out about this little project of mine? I would really-really-really appreciate it! It would be more than Awesome. It would be Epic!
    You can find the page of the campaign here:

    If you’re not interested and I’m just wasting your time than sorry for that!
    I’m not going to bother you further on!

    Best regards,
    Tamas Papp


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