Hello, My Name is Doris (2015) Review


Doris is in her sixties and about to experience life on her own for the first time, after her mother passes away. Attending a self-help seminar this inspires her to very wrongly pursue Jack a much younger co-worker.

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All Roads Lead to Rome (2015) Review


Maggie is an uptight single parent who has struggled to communicate and get along with rebellious teenage daughter Summer for quite a long time. She thinks that a journey back to a Tuscan village that she visited in her younger days would help them reconnect. A first love might just spoil the plans that were in place.

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A Christmas Detour (2015) Review


When a flight to New York is grounded in Buffalo due to a snow storm it brings together a woman, Paige who is attempting to meet her future in-laws for the first time, a very cynical man Dylan who does not want to make it to the family Christmas and a couple Maxine and Frank who have been married for twenty years.

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