Containment (2015) Review


Residents wake up one morning to find themselves locked into their flats, an epidemic has broken out and they might all be infected. They will have to work together to battle to survive.


Mark is the first character we meet and pretty much becomes the central character we quickly find out that he is estranged from his wife and they share a son together. He had an important appointment that morning but finding everything in his flat sealed shut was not something she seemed to believe until communication was all cut off. Looking outside tents and figures wearing protective suits can be seen and the two different blocks of flats you see people banging on the windows wanting to know what is going on.

That creation of fear was pretty impressive to show how terrifying it would be if something suddenly happened. We don’t learn anything that fast and are pretty much put in the same position as the characters. They band together as a misfitted group and that is quite reassuring, you would hope even people you don’t normally get on with or would talk to could help each other in great time of need.

Within the group we are given people in many different places of their life and different ages which I guess was an idea to make it relatable to the audience. British humour is added into some scenes to take the edge off a little bit. Films like this can be thought provoking and especially given the Coronavirus taking hold of the world right now might even offer some ideas to help if everything kicks off in a worse manner? Ok, slightly over the top but you know what I mean its all a bit mental right now.

The tension is built up in a very good way and the attempt to escape, after seeing people being shot dead to stop them from getting away. When they manage to take one of the people as a hostage it should have changed everything but it really did not help in the way they would have hoped for. She does not really give them many answers and it is quite difficult to work out when she is lying and when she is telling the truth so that creates even more tension than they already had.

The performances are engaging enough and that helps with how watchable the film is, Lee Ross leading the acting and was a strong enough lead. Louise Brealey who I recognised from Sherlock and then Shelia Reid who has been most well known in recent years for starring in UK comedy Benidorm.

4 thoughts on “Containment (2015) Review

  1. Here in France we are on lockdown. No one can get out only to shop for food or go to the pharmacy and the doctor. Funny that is I stumble on you review. I can’t even go to the movies any more. Businesses are closed Paris is a ghost town. They say we are going to be on lockdown for a month an 1/2 . Nice review .

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    • Thanks, here in the UK we are certainly following you into that. I do a lot of running an have seen anything over 2km is banned as well. I panic bought a treadmill earlier this week, waiting for it to arrive!


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