100 Romantic Films

This is something I have been looking to put together for a while now I am truly an absolute sucker for romantic films, I really cannot resist a good romantic drama and the good romantic comedy. We all know love in real life is nothing like in our favourite films but that is surely a reason why I like them so much, they are different. Obviously give us an unrealistic expectation about finding love and well keeping it with someone.

I am picking the 100 films to be in this list that are my favourites to watch, I thought that would be the best and easiest way to rank them. I guess it will also help me to see if I prefer the hard hitting tragic love stories or those that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside with the cute happy ending romantic films.


❤️ – Love

💔 – Heartbreaker

😈 – Sex Scenes

😢 – Tearjerker

😭 – Tragic sobbing

😂 – Funny moments

😃 – Happy Ending

The List

1. An Affair to Remember

2. When Harry Met Sally

3. Casablanca 

4. Bridges of Madison County

5. The English Patient 

6. Silver Linings Playbook

7. The Notebook

8. You’ve Got Mail

9. Moulin Rouge! 

10. Before Sunrise

11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

12. Meet Joe Black

13. An Officer and a Gentleman

14. Runaway Bride

15. Brief Encounter 

16. Pretty Woman

17. Romeo + Juliet 

18. Dirty Dancing

19. A Star is Born

20. Notting Hill

21. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

22. Shall We Dance? 

23. The Fault in Our Stars

24. It’s Complicated

25. Titanic 

26. About Time

27. An Education 

28. Ghost 

29. P.S. I Love You

30. French Kiss

31. As Good As It Gets

32. Eat, Pray, Love

33. Love Actually 

34. (500) Days of Summer

35. A Walk To Remember

36. 10 Things I Hate About You

37. The Adjustment Bureau 

38. Something’s Gotta Give

39. The American President

40. The Great Gatsby

41. Bridget Jones Diary

42. City of Angels

43. My Best Friends Wedding

44. It Happened One Night

45. Message in a Bottle

46. Before Midnight

47. Jerry Maguire

48. Brokeback Mountain

49. She’s The Man

50. Shakespeare in Love

51. Top Gun

52. Before Sunset

53. No Strings Attached

54. The Way We Were

55. One Special Night

56. Three Men and a Little Lady

57. Carol

58. Crazy Heart

59. Fever Pitch

60. Grease

61. The Last Song

62. When a Man Loves a Woman

63. Splendor in the Grass

64. Groundhog Day

65. Gone with the Wind

66. Up in the Air

67. The Rebound

68. Going the Distance

69. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

70. Closer

71. The Sound of Music

72. Beauty and the Beast

73. Chalet Girl

74. The Time Travellers Wife

75. Say Anything . . . 

76. Brooklyn 

77. Autumn in New York

78. Revolutionary Road

79. Four Weddings and a Funeral

80. Stardust

81. One Day

82. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

83. Nights in Rodanthe 

84. A Little Bit of Heaven

85. Valentine’s Day

86. The Bodyguard

87. 13 Going on 30

88. Conversations with Other Women

89. The Last Kiss

90. How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days

91. Love and Other Drugs

92. The Lobster

93. Save the Last Dance

94. Sleepless in Seattle

95. The Holiday

96. One Fine Day

97. Never Been Kissed

98. Some Like it Hot

99. The Apartment

100. The Affair 

What are your favourite Romantic films?

Are you Rom-Com or Tragic Drama?

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