Throw Momma from the Train (1987) Review

When Larry Donner’s ex-wife steals his book idea he wishes that she was dead when Owen one of his students hears this he comes up with a plan that he will kill her and Larry can then kill his Mother who has ruled and ruined his whole life.


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Cherry (2021) Review

Cherry was never really focused on college and despite meeting Emily who he believes is his true love he decides to enlist in the army as a medic and is sent to Iraq. On returning from the war he is suffering with PTSD causing his life to spiral out of control and turning to drugs and then crime.


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The River Wild (1994) Review

When Gail Hartman returns to her hometown with her son Roarke to take him on the wild river for his birthday where years earlier she used to be a guide, her workaholic husband Tom had originally not travelled with them but caught up just as they were about to leave, their daughter left with Gail’s parents. They were not the only ones to be navigating the river . . .


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