My Cousin Rachel (2017) Review


A young Englishman plots revenge for his cousins mysterious death blaming his wife Rachel, who had been missing. Everything will change though when he meets her and cannot resist her charms.

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Why Fifty Shades is anything but romantic!

Everyone at the moment is apparently in love with Christian Grey again. You know that billionaire who thrives off abusing women with pain in “sex” punishments to make himself feel better.


In Fifty Shades Darker he even calls himself a sadist. He’s controlling, manipulative and suffocating. Telling you that you can’t do something and wanting you just for his own. The latter of that would or could be nice I guess but not in the way it is portrayed through his character. Does this therefore risk our ideas of love and relationships to change?


Give me Robert in Bridges of Madison County standing in the rain any day over Christian Grey and his “playroom” any day!

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