Elvis (2022) Review

A look into the early life of Elvis Presley, his rise to super stardom and the troubles along the way. All of which is very much linked to his manager Colonel Tom Parker. Caught in a trap . . .


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Lightyear (2022) Review

After getting marooned on a different planet we see Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear attempt to return home not only for himself but for the rest of the crew and people, but when he encounters some robots commanded by Zurg who want to steal the fuel resource he developed.


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Recreating the Movie – Jurassic World

Following on from the Recreating the Movie featuring Jurassic Park (and the car) I figured this one from inside the cinema was perfect for Jurassic World getting to hold a dinosaur 😂 felt more World like given the plot and how everything was changing within that world! So here you have my recreating the movie for Jurassic World!

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) Review

When Evelyn Wang is attempting to do her taxes for the laundromat she owns with her husband Waymond, she is suddenly taken on an insane adventure when it turns out she could be the person to save the world and keep the universes from all being destroyed. Getting to see all of the different ways her life could have been different.


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