100 Sexiest Actors

So who made the list ???

1.       Orlando Bloom

2.       Brad Pitt

3.       Leonardo DiCaprio

4.       Kevin Costner

5.       Daniel Craig

6.       George Clooney

7.       Colin Farrell

8.  Johnny Depp

9.     Richard Gere

10.   Heath Ledger


11. Zac Efron

12.  Viggo Mortensen

13.  James Dean

14.  Cary Grant

15.  River Phoenix

16.   Clive Owen

17.   Paul Newman

18.   Christian Bale

19.   Hugh Jackman

20.   Gerard Butler


21.   Mark Wahlberg

22.   Colin Firth

23.   Mickey Rourke

24.   Jude Law

25.   Clark Gable

26.   Matt Damon

27.   Kevin Spacey

28.   Ryan Gosling

29.   James Franco

30.   Christian Slater


31.   Hayden Christensen

32.   Jake Gyllenhaal

33.   Joaquin Phoenix

34.   Sean Connery

35.   Patrick Dempsey

36.   Tom Cruise

37.   Jared Leto

38.   Will Smith

39.   Paul Walker

40.   Ewan McGregor


41.   Patrick Swayze

42.   Ryan Phillipe

43.   Matthew McConaughey

44.   Antonio Banderas

45.   Jason Statham

46.   Channing Tatum

47.   Shia Leboeuf

48.   Michael Douglas

49.   Josh Holloway

50.   Robert Redford


51.   Kiefer Sutherland

52.   Ryan Reynolds

53.   Vin Diesel

54.   Eric Bana

55.   Rob Lowe

56.   Robert Downey Jr.

57.   Liev Schreiber 

58.   Ben Affleck

59.   Hugh Grant

60. Tom Welling


61.   Frank Sinatra

62. Denzel Washington

63.   Hugh Dancy

64.   John Travolta

65.   Kevin Bacon

66.   Bruce Willis

67.   Keanu Reeves

68.   Marlon Brando

69.   Hugh Laurie

70.   Steve McQueen


71.   Jamie Foxx

72.   Aaron Eckhart

73.   Mel Gibson

74.   Shane West

75.   Jonathan Rhys Meyers

76.   Pierce Brosnan

77.   Liam Neeson

78.   Daniel Day Lewis

79.   Harrison Ford

80.   Clint Eastwood


81.   James McAvoy

82.   Ethan Hawke

83.   Val Kilmer

84.   John Cusack

85.   Elijah Wood

86.   Jack Nicholson

87.   Tim Curry

88.   Rex Harrison

89.   Bill Nighy

90. Ralph Fiennes


91.   Jamie Bell

92.   James Marsden

93.   Russell Crowe

94.   Andy Garica

95.   Ben Stiller

96.   Jonathan Pryce

97.   Robert Pattinson

98.   Steve Carrell

99.   Alan Rickman

100.  Alec Baldwin

32 thoughts on “100 Sexiest Actors

  1. Zac Effron above Hugh Jackman, Chris Bale, Clive Owen AND Gerry Butler??? Might as well throw in Harvey Keitel and the agony is complete. To each their own I suppose, but sheeeesh!


  2. I’m just a random person who stumbled this site 😀 This is a very nice list but I just have one question….WHY isn’t John C. Mcginley on it?!?! This breaks my heart as a fan. He is sexy dangit!! Umm…heh sorry just my fan-girliness getting to me.


  3. Who is John Mcgingley??? My question is why is Robert Redford #50 & not #15 at least!!! AND WHY IS DENZEL WASHINGTON # 62?????? The voters are absolutely dillusional!!!!!!


  4. johnny depp. no.8.
    are you freaking kidding me?
    orlando bloom. no. 1.
    are you FREAKING kidding me?
    who wrote this shit!?
    and i agree with tiffany l.
    john c mcginley is nice. 🙂


  5. Alan Rickman #99????????
    No! What is this???!!!!
    Alan is deffs top five, if not, three, if not, ONE!
    Alan is great. Sexy.
    Ever seen Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves?
    No? Watch it. Only watch the Sheriff’s scenes? Why? Because everyone else is truly crap. In terms of acting, that is.

    Oh, and Kevin Costner being #4???????
    That list is an insult to a Rickmaniac.
    In no list should Kevin Costner be above Alan Rickman.


  6. so, okay, I almost feel sorry for you after reading these comments…
    I mean, It IS your list. Your blog, your choice. I googled all the suggestions (and to be honest, I think most are ugly teehee) and well, I kind of disagree with most of you.
    If it were me, ryan reynolds would be up the top (he’s so damn sexy, AND adorable) robert pattinon wouldn’t even be ON it (so thanks for making him only 97 =D), christian bale would be higher too… and Tom Cruise? forget it! haha but as I said, your list, your opinion. I’ll just have to make my own now. =)


  7. You left out some, maybe you should do a 150 list and include a young Orson Welles, Tyrone Power, George Brent, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, Chow Yun Fat and many many others. Just a thought.


  8. Ben Stiller? Ben Stiller? He isn’t sexy…he isn’t even funny which can be sexy. Ben Stiller?

    AND Colin Firth…he’s sexy till you make the mistake of trying to sit thru any of his movies.


  9. Why the feck is Robert Downey junior there!! He should be in the top ten!!
    And what about Taylor lautner, Russell Brand.
    Denzel Washington, I mean come on!!
    Good list but geeze..


  10. I thought it was pretty good considering ALL the hot guys out there. And most i would agree with but orlando bloom shouldnt be 1 river phoenix sud but brad pitt is right where i want him!


  11. First of all JOHNNY DEPP should be before Orlando Bloom haha thts just my opinion 🙂 annnddd Patrick Swayze and Matthew McConaughey need to be farther up 🙂 but u did get Heath Ledger right hes pretty sexy fine haha


  12. Aidan Quinn deserves to be high on this list and you would know that if you remembered seeing Legends of the Fall, Practical Magic (opposite Sandra Bullock) and Songcatcher. Aidan has played opposite such lovely leading ladies as Kristin Scott Thomas, Andie MacDowell, Connie Nielsen, Juianna Margulies, Merle Streep, Susanna Thompson, Helen Hunt, Susan Sarandon, Kelly Preston, Mary-Louise Parker, and Kyra Sedgwick. Casting directors obviously think he has enormous sex appeal, as well as being one of the great actors of our time!


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