Us (2019) Review


Haunted by her past Adelaide Wilson is about to confront the moment that changed her when on a holiday with her family she is back at the same place and the memories start to return and nothing feels right anymore.

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Hannibal (2001) Review


Hannibal Lecter has been living in exile since his escape and tries to reconnect with FBI Agent Clarice Starling but someone else is also looking for him and it doesn’t appear everything is going to work out in his favour this time.

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Children of Men (2006) Review


In 2027 the world has turned into a very dark place women have become infertile and the youngest person alive has just been murdered at the age of 18. Theo Faron a former activist agrees to help out when asked by ex-wife Julian, he didn’t realise that everything that was going on was to protect a pregnant woman!

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