Patrick (2018) Review


When her Grandmother sadly passes away when some of her wishes are read out before the will Sarah Francis is left her Pug dog Patrick. She cannot even begin to understand why she did this to her, but surely it was for a reason right?

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Ice Princess (2005) Review


Casey Carlyle has never really fit in throughout High School, she is very intelligent and everything is about to change when she decides she wants to become a Championship figure skater which does not please her mother who has high hopes and dreams for her daughter attending Harvard.

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Bogus (1996) Review


When Albert’s mother is tragically killed in a car accident he must go and live with Harriet a woman he has never met but was step sister to his mother. Harriet was not prepared to have a child and struggles to adapt to her new life as Albert’s family. Something that made her come across as unkind to begin with but we need to remember that she was suffering as well not knowing what to do next.  

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Jumanji (1995) Review


When Judy and Peter move into a new house with their Aunt following the death of their parents it isn’t long until they find a mysterious game in the old Parrish house. Rumours of what happened to Alan have circulated around the town for decades. When they start playing the strange game he is released, amongst many other things from the jungle!

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