Call Me Mrs. Miracle (2010) Review


Emily Merkle also known as Mrs. Miracle has magic to help turn peoples lives around at Christmas time and make them realise that they can be totally happy. Suddenly taking a job in Finley’s department store to help save, well everyone.

*Miracle in Manhattan (other title)*


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Due Date (2010) Review


Peter Highman is getting ready to fly back home to Los Angeles from his business trip in Atlanta for the birth of his first child with wife Sarah. When he unfortunately meets Ethan Tremblay an aspiring actor he his blacklisted from flying when their bags get swapped and most face a truly awful cross country trip with him to get home.


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Tangled (2010) Review


Rapunzel has spent her entire life locked up in a tower and she is not fully aware why, her Mother tells her that everything is evil outside of it and she is much safer to stay. But when a runaway thief stumbles upon her in the tower she eventually gets the courage to leave and see for herself, does mother really know best?


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