The Cher Show (UK Tour) Review

Star – Debbie Kurup
Lady – Danielle Steers
Babe – Millie O’Connell
Sonny Bono – Lucas Rush

Venue: Sunderland Empire

Date: Tuesday 26th April 2022


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& Juliet (West End) Review

Miriam-Teak Lee – Juliet
Cassidy Janson – Anne
Oliver Tompsett – William Shakespeare
David Bedella – Lance
Jordan Luke Gage – Romeo
Melanie La Barrie – Nurse
Tim Mahendran – Francois
Alex Thomas-Smith – May
Roshani Abbey – Lucy
Jocasta Almgill – Lady Capulet
Ivan De Freitas – Lord Capulet

Date: Wednesday 22nd December 2021 (7:30pm)

Venue: Shaftesbury Theatre


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TodayTix – Theatre Tickets

You may (or may not) remember a blog post I put together back in 2017 about West End and Day Seats (read here) when I went to London last week, eventually and to return to the theatre I had actually wondered if Covid would put a stop to this and box offices not opening early to be able to get cheaper last minute tickets direct from the theatre’s box office.

However, I did not have to worry about that. when TodayTix had a few different deals on what they list as Rush Tickets (hello Broadway words coming into the West End). Which is the same thing as day seats, all you need to do is download the app from the App Store and they go on sale at 10am which was always the time the box office opened for the same reason. These are £25 per ticket on the app and the options to buy are for 1 or 2 seats, because I go alone a majority of the time wanting only one single seat works out very nicely that is for sure. But for that price it wouldn’t really matter if you went with someone and didn’t sit together would it?

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Anything Goes (West End) Review

Date: Saturday 31st July (7:30pm)

Venue: Barbican Theatre

Sutton Foster – Reno Sweeney
Robert Lindsay – Moonface Martin
Felicity Kendal – Evangeline Harcourt
Gary Wilmot – Elisha Whitney
Samuel Edwards – Billy Crocker
Nicole-Lily Baisden – Hope Harcourt
Carly Mercedes Dyer – Erma
Haydn Oakley – Lord Evelyn Oakleigh
Jon Chew – John
Clive Hayward – Ship’s Captain
Graham MacDuff – Ship’s Purser
Alistair So – Luke


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West End – Come From Away & Anything Goes

That’s right today (31st July 2021) was my first West End shows since 2019 and I certainly managed to pick a truly incredible double whammy!

Come From Away a new musical that was just so lovely, heartbreaking and heartwarming all at one.

Anything Goes a Coke Porter musical and therefore a classic was on another level, what an amazing production.

Full reviews to follow just felt I needed to share this!

Musicals: From Stage to Screen

I have always loved and adored musicals but I am fully aware that the genre seems to be the most difficult to please people who aren’t the biggest fans of them. After rewatching Chicago and the up and coming release of In the Heights it has me thinking about musicals going from stage to screen. Then if you have actually seen them on stage before the film adaptation or if you see the film first and then the stage musical. For obvious reasons a lot of changes have to be made when taking a show from the stage and putting it on screen, this is the main reason I feel Wicked has been left in production for around 12 years now. It’s one of my favourite stage musicals that I have currently seen nine times, but I really cannot picture how it will transfer to film without losing its magic and quite frankly being rather ridiculous on screen?

In the Heights is a show that I have been very lucky to see on stage twice, the first time on Broadway the night before it won the Tony Award for Best New Musical in 2008 and then in the West End in 2016. Both times I appreciated the unique nature of the music and quite frankly I think it is better than Hamilton. Both obviously coming from the genius mind of Lin-Manuel Miranda, seeing him perform on Broadway was certainly very special. I have been looking forward to seeing the film adaption of In the Heights since it was announced and that is now only a few weeks away. The reviews that have been released so far have been extremely positive and this increases my excitement to see the film. As we always seem to go through phases with musicals and one often leads to more being released.

I am really hoping that people who are not the biggest fans of musicals will give In the Heights a watch though as it really is not like any other musical you have seen before, we have come a very long way from the traditional musical numbers and acting. The rap/hiphop style is something so unique and different that it is a true joy to witness, I feel I have now moved more into begging people to see it, even though I haven’t myself yet either. I just hope audiences will be open minded and see something that dares to be different.

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RIP Ann Reinking

Broadway legend Ann Reinking has sadly passed away at the age of 71. She was part of the original Chicago broadway cast and over the years spent a lot of time working on the show, which I must add is my all time favourite.

Rest in peace to a true musical theatre legend who you might know from films All That Jazz (1979) and Annie (1982). Especially considering this blog is named Let’s Go To The Movies and that song is performed by Reinking in the film.