Hollywood (Season 1) Review


We take a trip to Hollywood post World War II and follow a group of aspiring actors and film makes. Remember the tagline “What If You Could Rewrite the Story?” That is important!

Number of Episodes: 7


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The Big Show Show (Season 1) Review


Big Show has finished wrestling and now must work out what to do with his days, raising two daughters with his wife Cassy. His teenage daughter is making the big move to come and live with them and that creates plenty of interesting situations!


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To the Bone (2017) Review


Ellen is a 20 year old woman who is trying to survive with anorexia nervosa, so many family issues surrounding her start in life and battling her own fears. She has been in many different rehab centres but everything with change when she meets Dr. Beckham and is accepted to the group home he runs.


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