Atomic Blonde (2017) Review


Lorraine Broughton is on a special mission in Berlin and must use all of her lethal skills in order to survive, searching for a list which contains a list of names that must be retrieved before it gets out.

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It Comes at Night (2017) Review


A family who are secure within their desolate home as an unnatural disease is threatening the world. Paul does everything possible to ensure his wife and son are safe. When Will turns up and he agrees to take in his family everything is about to change as doubt creeps in if anything they have said is the truth.

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13 Reasons Why (Series 1) Review


13 Reasons Why was released on Netflix on 31st March 2017, it is based on a novel of the same name. It is 13 Reasons Why Hannah Baker killed herself, told through recordings on cassette tapes and to be passed onto each person who helped her reach that horrendous point.

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