Poster: No Time To Die (2020) Characters

The first trailer for Daniel Craig’s final Bond film No Time To Die is due for release tomorrow. So as an added little bonus they have released character posters today!


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Poster: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

I guess I don’t really need to tell anyone that the 9th Star Wars film is coming out soon with The Rise of Skywalker. Today some amazing character posters have been released, they are pretty good!


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Poster: Joker (2019)

Now the buzz around the Joker film for 2019 starring Joaquin Phoenix has already been rather huge. This poster was released a few days ago and it is certainly my favourite in recent memory.

Clever and effective using the tag line for the film so very well “Put on a happy face” it really does build my buzz for the film as well just look at it . . .