Hands of Stone (2016) Review


The story of boxer Roberto Duran who made his professional debut at the age of 16 and retired from boxing at the age of 50. A look into his life and that of legendary trainer Ray Arcel.


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Brian Banks (2018) Review


Brian Banks had big dreams of playing in the NFL and was on the right path for that. At 16 years old he was accused then wrongly convicted of rape and sent to prison. He fights to clear his name when he is released and cannot get a job.


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4 Minute Mile (2014) Review


Drew Jacobs shows he has a very natural athletic talent, when he gets kicked off the high school track team former coach Coleman wants to take him on and show him that he really does have what it takes. Despite a very tough background which will really push him to the limits, both physically and psychologically.


*Original Title – One Square Mile

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