7 Older Men I’ve Had An Obsession With!

Feel free to judge me but I don’t really care! I certainly have some strange obsessions and fangirl moments over older men. I am hoping that with this post people will either agree, understand where I am coming from or just respect my total honesty in admitting my random obsessions. This has often resulted into buying a lot of older films and rushing out to see the latest release from that actor and generally just well loving them!


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Oscars 2010 – The Show

Possibly the most predictable Oscars in recent times. But what was the show like? Well I thoroughly enjoyed it last year and that was because of host Hugh Jackman and some changes made to the show. I had also seen most of the nominated films and was much Team Rourke thinking we were going to see Mickey win for his role in “The Wrestler” a film I really loved. But that didn’t happen and then the very overrated Slumdog took the big prize, I pretty much fell out of love with the Oscars.

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Movie Quote of the Day 66

Today’s quote from a film which really hit a lot of nerves with me “The Wrestler” I am still most upset that Mickey Rourke was not given an Oscar last year for his performance as Randy “The Ram”. He broke your heart and then done it all over again after you thought he had changed his ways. This quote is just brilliant.

I’m an old broken down piece of meat and I deserve to be all alone, I just don’t want you to hate me.”

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