Self/less (2015) Review

When a dying real estate mogul named Damian cannot come to terms with dying he transfers his consciousness into a health young body. Although it is not all as it first seemed with the company and the procedure as he gets flashbacks from Mark, the man who’s body he has taken over.


The concept and idea behind Self/less is actually quite interesting but the way the story unfolds is not great at all. I guess we can see it as a more advanced face/off style in terms of having a new body ish.

The company that are going about selling this procedure believe that the brilliant minds deserve more time in this world and therefore you need to have a lot of money to be able to pay for it to happen. A death being reported as they are transported to a special hospital for the procedure to take place, you have to make sure you don’t have anything metal on you though and all fillings must be removed!

As Damian then must get used to his new body and learning to walk and move again before being put back into the world managing to keep his wealth and become a new person. That is until he has flashbacks which get worse when he does not take his medication he is advised by Albright to take more and after a while it will eventually stop it happening. The thing is though that Damian eventually finds out that the reasons for the flashbacks were that the body he took over was not dead at all. Mark was very much alive and took a deal for the sake of his sick daughter.

As Damian is now partly still himself and also Mark, especially when meeting Mark’s family it creates for a very strange situation. As we learn the truth behind Albright and the company and the reasons for him doing it all in the first place. I mean the twist linked in with that should have been really good, but by this point I just wasn’t really bothered in all honesty. Too many questions are raised and not answered.

Ryan Reynolds is decent enough in this type of role, we have seen him do it quite a few times now. Something I do feel though is that we don’t have Matthew Goode in enough films!

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