British Board of Film Classification – New Logos!


You may have seen over the past few days that the new look ratings for films has been released. This is for both cinematic and blu-ray/dvd releases. It’s actually pretty crazy that they have made them look so basic and well quite frankly awful. Surely the pink for 15 hasn’t been fully thought through considering the majority of horror films are not just rated at 15, I am sure it will look funny and spoil the tone of so many posters and covers.

I personally didn’t feel that any changes needed to be made and that the original rating logos from BBFC look perfectly fine and we are more than used to them. Another thing I feel that is a talking point is the 12 rating, considering everything is just rated 12A now it seems a little pointless to have the 12 missing from it.

The only change I could accept would be making the 12 and 15 a little bit different as they are in the same colour scheme. So that would be the only issue I would think about the way they currently look.

What are your thoughts on the look of the new logos?

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