100 Sexiest Actors – 40-31

The next 10 . . . from 40 to 31 . . .

40. Ewan McGregor

The sexy Scot has played lots of different roles over the years. My favorite being Christian in Moulin Rouge, he was at his sexiest in that role opposite Nicole Kidman. Playing the starstruck lover, he also showed how sexy it is to be able to sing.

39. Paul Walker

Another fantastic youngish actor, with amazing blue eyes, smile and fantastic body. He really is HOT, he has shown that he has what it takes to become an even better actor as well which is very re-assuring and brilliant.

38. Will Smith


Those arms that body and of course his face are just all so damn sexy !!! I love a bit of Will Smith and I am sure everyone else does as well. Since his days in the Fresh Prince, and now his action movies are just fantastic.

37. Jared Leto

Another young-ish actor, who is starting to grow up and show his potential. He really is sexy, he has incredible eyes.

36. Tom Cruise

Tom as Maverick . . . it really doesnt get sexier than that when it comes to a pilot. He was at his very best in Top Gun, he is still sexy now though. He is just a very attractive man.

35. Patrick Dempsey


He certainly is a very sexy guy, who is appearing in more and more movies after his popularity grew. He really is dreamy and just so damn sexy.

34. Sean Connery

The original Bond was the sex and for his age he is still pretty damn sexy now. He has not lost the charm that he had as 007 either. He set the tone for how Bond should look and act and is just the sex for doing that.

33. Joaquin Phoenix

Lovely, lovely looking man. Even after his breakdown he is still sexy. I think my favorite roles of his are “Walk the Line” and “Ladder 49” he was just fantastic and oozed sex appeal in those movies.

32. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake is definatly growing more and more popular as the time goes by. He is very sexy and has been in lots of different types of movies. Him and Reese Witherspoon make such a lovely couple.

31. Hayden Christensen

The very sexy Jedi is still as sexy as ever. He is getting better with age, and just WOW is pretty much a good way to describe him.

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