Three Months (2022) Review

Caleb is living in South Florida and about to graduate from high school, everything is about to change when he finds out he was exposed to HIV. He must wait three months for the full results and updates to come through and finds out a lot about not only himself but those around him.


Caleb doesn’t have a lot of friends and gets high often with his best friend Dara, who he works with in a shop. He lives with his Grandmother Valerie who he has a good relationship with, we find out that his father had passed away after having a heart attack. We must wait though to find out about his mother!

When having to wait for the three months for the different tests and results for the HIV scare, he has to go in each month and have blood work checked. The way in which the film captures this scary time was done in a very good manner. Showing how it plays on his mind and going through stages of just admitting defeat that he is going to be positive. Attending a support group he meets Estha who is also waiting for results from a HIV test.

This causes them to instantly bond and become friends and then steps towards more than that, but given his Asian background and fear of his parents Estha is not as open as Caleb and reaches a point of truly panicking about his sexuality and what people people may think. During the blossoming of this relationship Caleb neglects Dara who was going though a strange affair with their boss Suzanne who just happened to be married to man with kids.

Considering I hadn’t even heard of this film before stumbling across it on Paramount+ I found it to be a lovely little film with some amazing messages attached to it. Capturing the importance of getting tested, being honest with those around you and quite frankly willing to take charge of your actions.

Troye Sivan is going to be a big star! There I have said it, he is utterly fantastic in the film from start to finish, it was essential that the leading role was good and with Sivan that was actually great, he made it all a joy to watch. You wanted to be friends with Caleb and more importantly we wanted him to be ok!

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