Hachiko: A Dog’s Story (2009) Review


A drama based on a true story of a professor who finds a dog one day at the train station he goes to and from everyday to get to work. He finds Hachi as a puppy and the dog makes a connection with him.

Yes I will admit that the only reason I wanted to see this film was because Richard Gere was in it. Call me shallow I don’t really care, I have always and will always love Richard Gere. I am not a big animal person and have no pets of my own, so I really took a chance in watching this as I did not particularly like Marley and Me. The story is all about how a dog really can become man’s best friend and the attachment works both ways. Not just the man towards the dog, the dog forms an attachment too. Parker attempts to train Hachi but he will not fetch a ball like a normal dog. With some research into the breed Hachi is we find out he is a very special bread of dog from Japan.

It isn’t long before Hachi manages to go from home to the train station everyday to meet Parker from work and even walks him to the train station in the morning. This is watched by everyone at the train station who cannot really believe what they are seeing. We know that it is not going to be a happy ending as the story is being told by Parker’s grandson who lists Hachi as his hero in a school presentation. So one day Parker does not return on the train as he ended up in hospital and died, Hachi waited for him all night. But not only that Hachi kept returning to the train station waiting for him everyday for the next . . . 10 years . . . yes I found that rather WOW as well. Wasn’t expecting them to say 10 years. But I guess it was to make the point that Hachi loved Parker and would not get over his death.

I actually enjoyed this a little more than I expected too but will not be rushing to see it again any time soon. The Richard Gere factor was very good as I really cannot resist watching him in films. But I felt this film was dragged out over the 1 hour 40 minutes as not much really happened. Anyone else out there seen Hachi and like to offer their opinions on the film?

4 thoughts on “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story (2009) Review

  1. I have been wanting to see this for a while but I remain hesitant. I do have a ginormous mancrush on Gere though. I think he’s the man in “Chicago” – but of course you already knew that. 🙂


  2. heem i think this film,so really goooood!! Dan aku juga berfikir kok bisa ya ada anjing yang setia menunggu majikannya selama 9 tahun??? Its impossible..
    Aku nonton filmnya sedih banget sampai aku meneteskan airmataku..
    :”( aku benar benar gak tau kenapa aku bisa sampai sesedih ini, aku sangat sangat mengkhayati film itu,huuuh… Ckkckck ;+=:():@/,.


  3. gosh!!! Do you have no feelings?????? this is such a good movie. If you did not cry i swear you have a problem with you. It IS A TRUE STORY. i bet i would not see you doing that in a million years


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