Persuasion (2022) Review

Eight years after Anne Elliot was persuaded not to marry the dashing Wentworth, she wonders if she regrets the decision when they met again. Was it true love or is she destined to be alone?


Jane Austin novels are some of those that end up having endless adaptations and this one is yet another to follow that trend, but by attempting to make it more modern and up to date. Something I really feel I need to mention at the start is that the breaking of the fourth wall was so annoying and totally not needed at all. (The fact that Richard E. Grant and Henry Golding were in this was the reason I kept going).

The big issue with trying to make the story more modern but also in the time period set is that those two things just do not and cannot happen together. Times have changed and the fact that women can now freely chose not to marry and actually not be frowned upon for being alone is a total change in culture. Hence this type of story being impossible really to “update” in that sense.

We are supposed to care about Anne Elliot as she must come to terms with her decision to not marry Wentworth, but when he comes across as though he is going to marry someone else she then decides that she still loves him. While her father Sir Walter is worrying about having no money left and therefore his daughters marrying into rich families could save him.

In hindsight I guess I should have actually read a little bit more on the storyline before jumping in as nothing about it was really engaging or interesting. As I mentioned earlier the constant looking and talking to the camera from Dakota Johnson was cringeworthy and downright annoying from start to finish. Not really sure what they were thinking with that being a good idea?

This attempt of an update or retelling of the story just shows why you cannot do that and should not try to change the characters to that thinking and behaviour in 2022 as quite frankly it is well and truly a different world now! Nothing wrong with keeping things in with how they were originally written and we can actually see how far we have come.

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