The One Where I Got All The Friends Merch for Christmas!

Thats right the year is 2020.

Friends ended in 2004.

It’s been 16 years since the show ended which is actually 6 years longer than it actually ran for as it lasted a decade. It has always and will always be one of my all time favourite TV Shows. Sitcoms are something that you need to be able to switch off and forget life.

I have made no attempt to hide my love for this show and have plenty of gushing blog posts about it. I seriously don’t care what younger generations think about this show that has meant so much to me at different stages of my life. As you can see from the below photo my family and friends know that I still love it!

I do find it quite amazing that I managed to get so many amazing things and did not receive a duplicate! Doesn’t that just highlight how many Friends related merchandise is still around. Actually more now in 2020 than ever before, I guess we have Netflix to thank for that?

I have three pairs of Pjs, slippers, a desk calendar, a wall calendar, AirPods cover case, coffee, trivia game, socks, a make up bag and my personal favourite a chick and duck egg cup holder set!


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