Holmes & Watson (2018) Review


This is supposed to be a comedy and funny take on Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson and the mysteries they solve together especially around Moriarty.


I couldn’t help but say it was supposed to be a comedy as this is anything but funny. It is actually rather tragic and easily one of the worst films I have EVER seen. I still haven’t quite managed to accept just how awful this was from start to finish. I cannot think of anything that made it even a little bit good or funny. Because it really wasn’t any of those things at all!

I guess by now we all know that Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are very hit miss in terms of what has worked for them comedy wise in the past. This film really is the biggest load of rubbish and it is actually quite scary that people are paying quite a lot of money to see it (I have a monthly pass so not as bad for me, other than a waste of time).

The film opens with a quote on the screen, I was like that’s ok that happens and they are usually good quotes by inspirational people. This one was from an episode of Hannah Montana. At that moment I think I realised that this was going to be as bad or if not worse than I had heard. What made me give this film a chance was reading articles that people were walking out of cinema screenings in different places. I actually thought surely it cannot be that bad? I was wrong, it was even worse.

I am not against have a funny Sherlock but I think considering we have had the Cumberbatch amazing tv series and the impressive film double with Downey Jr to then go to this is just not very good at all. They had to resort to daft moments with Queen Victoria and changing Holmes to being thick rather than brilliant.

Then working in the Titanic which I’m guessing is because they ran out of ideas? Having a female character supposedly raised by cats and acting like that throughout. Eating onions, getting drunk and the gym scene. The terrible attempts at jokes that are linked to current times (yes I am talking about the stupid self photograph moment and the spinning gym class) and basically just failing on every single level possible.

So please I beg you do not see this film it is awful and one of the worst I have ever seen!

12 thoughts on “Holmes & Watson (2018) Review

    • Oh I look forward to reading that!

      I was reading about this film on IMDb when I did my review and it says the studio tried to sell it to Netflix after test audiences reactions to it!!!

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      • Yes, but Netflix didn’t bite! Great review, again sorry you had to suffer – the NY Times did a story last week about a reviewer who went to see it to see if it was “so bad its good” and someone in the audience said to him about that theory: “i know about those kinds fo movies…this wasn’t one of them!”

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        • Yes!!! That is the very reason I went to see it. I had seen the articles about people walking out and I had said surely it cannot be that bad . . . It really is!


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