“There’s nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who is in love with him.”

Here we go again.

I mean that in two different ways. The first being a second blog post more about life and love but using the films I love. Tonight’s post comes with a rather heartbreaking quote from The Sound of Music. Well I find it that way, considering it is the Baroness who says it to Maria about the Captain. You know the man she is actually engaged to! But the more you think about that quote the more you realise that it is true, if he knows how you feel then it seems to work against you. If he isn’t sure then he’s all for you. Seriously men you really are the complicated ones!

Exactly sometimes we should just say that (above quote) then maybe we would actually get an answer and no once and for all? I certainly would rather be told well actually no I don’t feel that way about you, which yes might hurt to begin with but it sure is better than someone lying about how they feel isn’t it? What would you rather have someone do? Actually maybe we are all just as complicated as each other and I never actually seem to be happy.

I will take on board what Ethan Hawke says in Boyhood and I agree that is true. I am one of those I always want more, I can’t help it. Don’t want to settle for anything, as feel it always can be better. That may possibly by why these blog posts have started as well. Trying to help myself and be satisfied. But right after we get exactly what we want then we want something else, isn’t that just human nature?

Then you go through those moments and truly believe that is true, when it fact the opposite is true and he is the only thing that actually makes you happy. With making someone happy though you also have that potential to upset them rather quickly and make them annoyed. Because of the pressure you are under to make them happy. It really is such a vicious circle in all honesty. I hope at least one person out there understands what I mean and what I am going on about!

Maybe or maybe not I guess you can never really compare how you felt about someone from a long time ago because eventually feelings do disappear or run their course. Something which I think is rather underrated as right now you might just be crazy about someone and then in 5 years time it will be like they didn’t even exist. Even when you see each other there’s no love left and the hate also goes away after a while. That usually takes a little bit longer (depending on the circumstances).

That is also very true as no matter what you do (ok within reason) that one person is always going to be there and want you. That’s something that cannot change instantly. No matter how crazy you get they always seem to come back for more. I have probably been quite lucky in that sense a few times, but hey we all have those outbursts and slight breakdowns about things. It all comes down to that one person that you are madly in love with at the time of events happening, some of those you will never really forget.

I have no idea if anyone even reads these posts . . .

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