Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) Review


A grieving mother determined to find her daughters killer takes things into her own hands challenging the local authorities, really grabbing everyone’s attention when she places adverts on three billboards!


Martin McDonagh first came to my attention with the incredible In Bruges which I would certainly class as one of my favourite films, everything about it I found outstanding. Therefore since then I have kept a close eye on which films he has out next, Seven Psychopaths is then followed by this one. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri which has been receiving a lot of critical acclaim and very much in the Awards Season picture.

Mildred has grown extremely frustrated by the lack of effort put into her daughters case after she was murdered and raped. She comes up with a plan to get it noticed again when she buys three billboards advertisement even though it is on a road that is not often used, it kicks up a fuss and that forces more to be done about the case. Chief Willoughby who has his own issues going on must then try to keep her calm, he is actually rather sympathetic towards her. Then we have Dixon who is a horrific cop and really shouldn’t be a cop considering his background.

Obviously that is the basic plot and it has more complex moments in the film which I am not going to spoil as you really need to witness everything unfolding. It has an incredible tense feeling to it and that was something that I found to be very interesting with it all. The music placement was also something I thought was pretty well perfect, giving that country feel as well. It does manage to push the boundaries at times and that is something that you just have to love when watching films like this.

Performance wise that is where the film really stands out as Frances McDormand is truly outstanding from start to finish, her mannerisms were just brilliant and you really would not want to mess with her Mildred. A very strong woman who wasn’t afraid of standing up to all of the men who were in the way. Woody Harrelson was probably in his perfect role, managing to mix in the humour with the more serious moments. Sam Rockwell taking on another crazy role, has he been typecast in that now? He does it so very well, with the extremely creepy manner and extreme nature. Amongst that the supporting roles are good as well from Drinklage, Hawkes and Hedges.

I felt that I really enjoyed parts of the film but could not help to compare it to In Bruges, and I really didn’t think it was on that same level to be brutally honest. Certain parts of the film felt like they were just taken from that one. Don’t get me wrong though I did like this one as it dares to be different with some outstanding performances, thought-provoking moments all mixed together with some dark comedy moments as well. This one won’t be for everyone, I feel it needs to come with that warning. Oscar for McDormand?

17 thoughts on “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) Review

  1. I won’t share any spoilers at all except to say, as the film went on and on and on I hated it more and more…SO obvious, so one dimensional, and I believe it to be one of the two most wildly and wrongly over-praised films of the year….even the performances, so sharp at the beginning, dragged on and on in the same one-note fashion…sorry for those who think it is the best film of the year, I cannot agree!

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      • We were into it at the beginning but then it piled on and on and a few of the plot points were way off for us…at risk of being controversial, I felt the exact same way about “Call Me By Your Name” – for me, the best films of 2017 were “The Shape Of Water”, “Lady Bird”, “Get Out” and “I, Tonya.” But there were many more really strong ones, which is why I am over-reacting to these two getting much acclaim…

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        • Yeah I know what you mean we always have films that we just don’t get the hype around! I didn’t get to see Call Me By Your Name as it didn’t get a wide UK release I didn’t make it to the independent cinema.

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          • I understand that many people love it for a variety of reasons, and I have NO issue with the concept – it’s the execution that is frustrating – and several of the characters say and do things that are just not plausible in any way, undermining the story

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