A Quiet Place (2018) Review


When an event has occurred in 2020 we follow a family battling to survive, this has to be done in silence as the creatures hunt sound!


This film has had a lot of positive buzz surrounding it and it has taken me a few weeks to eventually get round to seeing it. I will admit that I didn’t know a massive amount about the story, I had read about the silence part but then never actually thought we wouldn’t really get much actual dialogue and the talking is done mainly through sign language. That certainly makes the film a little bit more interesting and I guess causes some problems as well.

The opening scene grips you and has you on the edge of your seat as you wait for something to happen, but it does a very good job of teasing the audience and just leaving it for a few minutes. The family is in a shop which you can see has been abandoned, not wearing any shoes and taking supplies that they need. This was day 89 (I think?) An event happens on that day we then head to-day four hundred and something as they are in the home and still surviving.

What are these creatures and where did they come from? Something we don’t really find out and it does build everything up to wanting to see them and wanting to know more. At times I felt it was a little bit boring in terms of not a lot happening, I understand it was trying to build the tension but I guess it was something that made myself lose a little bit of interest in the film. Especially considering Evelyn’s state and that was always going to be a big issue.

Something that did impress me was the way the characters were developed considering they didn’t get to speak very much was impressive and I must give the actors a lot of credit for this as it must have been a very emotional and tough task to do this film. Parts I cannot really talk about as don’t want to spoil anything but it does have a little twist and turn throughout. I also had a few issues about the noise thing and how they actually worked out what was too loud? That is something that we don’t really get to explore very much and it does create some questions that you hope to find out about.

I guess I am undecided how I felt about this film as I felt parts were very intense, but then other parts were just stupid. So I guess I didn’t really find the balance between the two and this film wasn’t fully for me. I understand the good hype though as it did dare to be a little bit different in this genre.

5 thoughts on “A Quiet Place (2018) Review

  1. I loved it, right up my street, mainly because there’s so much you don’t know and I always enjoy trying to work things out. I’m not a fan of being explained to really in this type of film, love a mystery box!

    I also think they explained the ‘loud’ part with the waterfall sequence? But the intensity throughout was wonderful, and I was lucky enough to have a really, really quiet cinema audience which made it even more gripping!

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