Finding Your Feet (2017) Review


When Sandra’s life is thrown into turmoil as she finds out her husband of over thirty years has been cheating on her for the past five years. This being on the night of his retirement and she has no choice but to go to her sister Bif’s when he decides to leave her.


I feel as though I need to start this review off as a slight warning. To warn you that it is not as happy and carefree as the trailer makes it appear to be, it is very real and addresses many current problems that people face in every day like. Along with that thought it is also very British which is why the drama and sad moments are mixed in along with comedy and humour. Which basically means the film has the power to make you both laugh and cry.

As Sandra must come to terms with no longer being with Mike this leads to a slight breakdown in front of their middle to upper class circle of friends at his retirement party. She then reconnects with her sister who she cannot understand. But this is when the film takes some really good turns, learning how to become a new version of yourself and accepting that you have made mistakes. Sandra can learn a lot from Bif if she truly choices too. Meeting Charlie very early on and attending dance classes, although I must mention the Chinese restaurant scene as that was just hilarious. Not forgetting the amazing dance sequence at Piccadilly Circus!

Parts of it must be very inspiring for women who find themselves in that situation in a later time of their life when they have been with someone for so long, although don’t get me wrong it also approaches that issue in different ways for some of the men in the film as well. It has a very real life feel to it all and the issues that people must face and deal with, also including different illnesses. While I enjoyed the film it was pretty easy and obvious to work out what was going to happen next.

I found the situation with Nicola her daughter to be a very strange one, considering her age and seeming to totally just stick and side with her father. Who actually did a horrible thing to her mother she does not seem to be very supportive at all. That kinda left me scratching my head and wondering what we had missed in that sense as surely she should have been extremely annoyed with her father about what happened?

Performance wise it was great to see Imelda Staunton in a leading film role. I have seen her on stage many times over the past couple of years and she really has become one of my favourite actresses. She is given many fantastic scenes to show off her acting talent as well as a little bit of her dancing skills! Celia Imrie always gets such interesting characters and that is no different in this film. Timothy Spall offers great support and again he is given some very emotional scenes which are just great.


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