You, Me and Him (2017) Review


Lesbian couple Olivia and Alex are very much in love despite the age difference between the pair. But when Olivia feels her maternal clock is ticking, pregnancy is something they must then deal with.


From the initial conversation between the pair Alex was not overly enthusiastic and did not think she was ready for parenthood. Somehow Olivia who seemed to have just mentioned having a baby, magically had IVF treatment and was pregnant almost instantly. Not really a good start in terms of realism but hey ho Olivia was pregnant. Alex then goes off the rails and gets very drunk finding out this news when at a party at neighbours house John. She cheats on Olivia and guess what? Yes, she is pregnant as well.

So many things are wrong with all of that and I very much find it hard to believe that a lesbian would get very drunk and instantly sleep with a man? That is just my personal opinion of course I have quite a few lesbian friends and I know they would never want to be near a man in a sexual sense so the fact that she gets very drunk and straight in bed with John does not make a massive amount of sense.

Anyway that is the way the film decides to move with both women being pregnant at the same time and trying to deal with John who wanted to be involved. He had recently just been divorced so he had some issues of his own to deal with. For a comedy though the film does not really have many amazingly funny moments and has to settle for more awkward moments than anything else, which is a shame really as it probably could have been a very good comedy.

However, I felt towards the end the very dark turn was not something that was expect and took away everything from the lighthearted nature of everything else happening in the film. It really did come from nowhere and was well quite frankly brutal. I know that type of thing does happen, but to suddenly throw it into a comedy film just seemed rather bad taste. I wasn’t really sure how to take the film from then on and was really hoping it was all going to be over soon.

Considering the cast were pretty impressive and even the smaller or cameo roles showed a very solid British contingent. Lucy Punch being in a leading role was very good to see. I was more impressed with Faye Marsay in all honesty, I felt she was given the more difficult role and carried it off very well. Even managing to show where she was from in one scene when she was in bed wearing a Middlesbrough football shirt, something I was not expecting to see it all! David Tennant in a very different role and he was pleasing enough to watch, as he usually is even managing to drift into his Scottish accent although that seemed to only be for one scene.

Such a shame that this film really could have gone for a more groundbreaking approach and helping to highlight different family units in this day and age, but instead it stumbled and fell apart with the brutal turn and even the ending could not save it for me.

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