You, Me and Him (2017) Review


Lesbian couple Olivia and Alex are very much in love despite the age difference between the pair. But when Olivia feels her maternal clock is ticking, pregnancy is something they must then deal with.


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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) Review

The fourth year at Hogwarts see’s the tri-wizard tournament take place, meaning two other wizarding schools come for a year. Some twists and turns see the usual tri-tournament having a fourth competitor in an underaged wizard taking part and yes you guessed it, Harry Potter is that wizard.

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Best of British in Harry Potter

The Harry Potter film series has done wonders for the British film industry over the years and also been able to showcase so many talents in the films as well. We certainly do see the best of British in the series. Some with big parts throughout all (or most) of the films. While others have smaller parts, or even just cameos. But they really have been such a credit for showcasing the talent which is on offer in Britain. A lot of the actors and actress are held in high regard in the theatre world. Some of my favorite actors and actress have appeared in the film series which is so refreshing to see so many of them in the same films.

A lot of well-respected actors appear in the films bringing life to the much-loved characters from the books.

Alan Rickman – Severus Snape

A very well-loved actor who always seems to be the bad guy. But is he always the bad guy in the Potter series? Well that’s the difficult thing to figure out. One minute you love Snape and the next you hate him, you love to hate him and I don’t think anyone but Rickman could have you thinking that about a character.

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Batman 3 – Return of the Riddler?

The third installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise really is going to have a massive following and build up after the success of Batman Begins and then The Dark Knight in recreating the Batman series the third installment which is currently slated for a 2012 release, has been creating press since The Dark Knight’s credits rolled. Heath Ledger’s death which occurred before the release of The Dark Knight, the ending which had us wondering The Joker’s fate, yet we knew we would never see the character in that form again. A sad moment for so many reasons, Ledger’s Joker gained an Oscar and so much critical acclaim and was definitely one of performances of the decade if not all time. This has then all raised the very good question of which villain shall be making an appearance in this third film in the series. Apparently the answer to that question is THE RIDDLER.

The Riddler was last seen in Batman Forever portrayed by Jim Carrey, in a fun crazy way. Very light and comic book like, seemed as though he came straight from the pages of the comics these films are based on. I can’t deny that I have always loved Jim Carrey’s Riddler for the age I was when Batman Forever was released and class that film as a very guilty pleasure now. But we have already witness that Nolan’s Batman films aren’t like anything we have ever seen before, they are darker and not going for obvious laughs in a fun way. They are more serious and after what he did with The Joker, we can only begin to imagine how sinister and evil he could make The Riddler.

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