A Star Is Born (2018) Review


Jackson Maine a musician who is struggling to cope with his life is about to have it changed when he meets Ally, a young singer helping her to find fame and use her songwriting gift.


I seriously cannot begin to explain how excited I have been to see this film, everything about it looked amazing from the trailer and the main song certainly sounded good. I was lucky enough to be at a preview screening and I am happy to start this review off by saying that the film well and truly blew me away. It was everything I had hoped for and more! ‘Shallow’ is an amazing song and that is what pushes the film to an even higher level in my opinion.

Sometimes maybe we are meant to have an incredible love story with someone and they save each other for a while? I like to think so and that is something we certainly get to see unfold in this film. Ally was stuck doing a job she hated and singing a little bit on the side in a drag club as she lacked the confidence to properly pursue her singing career with the outstanding songs she was wiring. Jackson Maine a very popular singer with his drink and drug problem, a chance meeting because he wanted another drink. He was truly mesmerised by Ally and I thought that was done in a fantastic way!

I was very curious to see how the film was going to work out, with seeing two of the other versions. Happily it kept some of my favourite moments and then it added to those, an update if you will and changing some aspects for the current day. That has got to be why this film will be so popular as it really does address current day issues. But also amazing that we still have the same problems as back in the 1930s when this story was first told!

Dramatic intense love stories are probably my favourite to watch on film as they offer so many different things, this fits into that category as well as some fantastic original songs. ‘Shallow’ really did make me have goosebumps as we hear it for the first time and then repeated at different moments fitting in so well with the story.

Bradley Cooper took on the directing role as well as leading man and he managed to still be charming whilst also putting in a very emotional and well at times sad performance, which will really break your heart in so many different ways. Lady Gaga in her first major film role is perfect for this, I mean we already knew about her voice which is what her role needs. The outstanding vocal range to make everyone really believe a star would be born, her acting was very impressive as well and I am going to say this film is early Oscar buzz! For both leading actors I would say, song and even Best Picture.

You are taken on a huge emotional rollercoaster with this film and it is more than worth it, I already want to see it again and have the rest of the soundtrack to listen to over and over again. This film really does deserve all of the praise it is going to get, mixing in the different themes and addressing the issues of addiction and what it can do to those around the person. Especially when they have no idea what they are doing. Outstanding film.

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    • They have used some of the best moments in that one in this, but it has it owns film. I’ve tried not to compare as I adore the Garland and Mason version but updated for a different time.

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