Crazy Rich Asians (2018) Review


Rachel Chu is a native New Yorker and everything is about to change in her life when she goes to Singapore to meet her boyfriends family, unaware that they are crazy rich and Nick Young had a big future ahead of him!


To be brutally honest I wasn’t sure at all what to expect from this film, which is why I didn’t really rush to the cinema to see it. I am pleased I did though as I was pleasantly surprised by how it all pans out and the messages it offers about family, love, life and career was a lot more in-depth than I could have imagined. Placing all that with a romance at the base, which isn’t too over the top or in your face, along with humour and some fantastic lines.

Rachel Chu really had no idea about what she was getting herself into with Nick being Chinese American due to her mother moving to the US when she was pregnant and not fully understanding the Chinese mentally around things. As it turned out she had only gone and bagged herself the most eligible bachelor in Asia with Nick Young. She was totally unaware of his family’s wealth and that seems to be one of the main reasons he has fallen in love with her, it was real as she had no idea about his past or the life he was supposed to be living back in Singapore.

The problem for Rachel is that she begins to find some things about the money out as they are suddenly whisked to first class for the flight to Singapore, she then had no idea how horrible the women in his social class would behave towards her because they are super jealous that she is going out with Nick. They begin to do some nasty things towards her while also pretending to be her friend. Nick is in total ore of his mother as all Chinese sons are (apparently according to this film) and does everything possible to please her and his grandmother who we find out raise him.

Luckily for Rachel though that one of her college friends Peik Lin Goh lives in Singapore and she has someone to spend some time with as well. She could not believe who she was dating when she finds out Nick is a Young! Peik is certainly our comic relief and she really does have some great moments with Awkwafina delivering a scene stealing performance from start to finish.

Constance Wu was impressive in the leading role as Rachel and shares enough passion with Henry Golding as Nick, and that is one of the main reasons the film works so well. The leading two actors have good chemistry and put in impressive performances. This is the second film this week I have watched Golding in and I really do like the different films he has entered into, considering I hadn’t heard of him this time last week it just shows how quickly things can change in the film world.

I would be interested if this tells the real story of how Chinese families few careers and then marriage, if someone does not fit into that social class or if it is a pretty old-fashioned view?

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