Easy A (2010) Review


Clean cut High School student Olive makes a rumour about herself, losing her virginity and uses this to help increase her social standing but also financial. Comparing her current situation to that from ‘The Scarlet Letter’ which she is studying at school.


Easy A is not your typical High School movie and the easy A part is not what you think it stands for, well that is what i first thought when I came across this film. But it is not about the grade it a link between Olive’s situation and ‘The Scarlet Letter’ where the woman in that story was branded with an ‘A’ to show that she was an adulterer. Olive just wants to be liked the same as any teenager, the way she goes about it does not get her liked in the nicest of ways.

When her best friend takes something she says the wrong way and the rumours begin that she lost her virginity to an older guy in college, although that rumour takes many different forms from the fake story she told to basically get out of going for dinner at her friend’s house. From this stems a serious of events which spirals out of control as she begins taking payment, mainly in gift card from for guys to say they have slept with her. The thing with all of this was that she was in fact still a virgin. Actually stopping a real relationship with the guy she has been in love with forever. She even starts taking the blame for things that had nothing to do with her.

I find this film to be a very different type in the High School genre and really could be used as a warning on how not to behave and why it really is not worth lying about something that really could have a huge negative impact on your future life as well as your current day. Something I did love though was her incredible family/home life with her parents and adopted younger brother, the humour feels so real and refreshing.

Emma Stone really is good in the leading role and I think she is the main reason that this film works out so well in the end. Throw in my favourite supporting actor Stanley Tucci as her father and his usual scene stealing moments. As well as a more cameo yet important role from Phoebe Lisa Kudrow, who we really should see in more films still to this day. My Gossip Girl love was brought back with Penn Badgley, underused in this film!

This really does try something a little bit different when it comes to the whole High School sex talk and shows just how many people could be lying about what they had actually done and who with. So don’t always believe the things that you hear as at the end of the day you have no clue what goes on behind closed doors, think of the scene with Brandon . . . It was not what everyone else thought from outside the door. I felt that scene was very important to show just that.

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