A Simple Favour (2018) Review


When Stephanie becomes friends with Emily as their sons go to the same school and want a play date, she seems to be the only one concerned when she suddenly goes missing. As she attempts to uncover what happened the story takes many different twists and turns along the way.


I found A Simple Favour to be a very messed up film that couldn’t really decide which genre it was going to fit into, so just kinda covered as many as possible in the running time. So I guess I enjoyed odd parts of the film some of the lines Blake Lively was given were pretty outstanding and hilarious. Some of the plot twists were well pretty awful really, I am sure one thing will come to your mind if you have seen this film.

Stephanie is a stay at home mother and has her own Vlog about cooking and all things being a mother, ridiculed by those around her and putting the other parents to shame. Becoming friends with Emily could not have been further from her comfort zone as she loves a Martini early in the afternoon. Emily a career woman and in a PR director role working in the city. The two women really could not be more opposite and as they learn more about each other they enter into the secret telling, but are they both truthful?

Add in Sean, Emily’s husband who still appear to be very passionate about one another. How much does he really know about her disappearing, Stephanie starts the campaign after picking Nicky up form school and she just never returned from a supposed business trip to Miami. The snooping around certainly raises a lot of questions about how well you really know someone and if you would be able to piece anything together if someone you thought you were friends with went missing.

In terms of plot twists I cannot really mention any as it would certainly spoil the film, but I felt it got rather ridiculous and tried to get too much in it all and lost the build up when everything was revealed. Parts of the film reminded me of Gone Girl and Girl on a Train, except this one used comedy moments as well. I think it was trying to be something different and just ended up a little bit confused and muddled up.

The performances were good especially from Blake Lively who totally stole each and every scene that she was in! Anna Kendrick showed some good character development after starting off very annoying. Henry Golding was very impressive and I was quite surprised to see this is one of his first films (along with another that has just been released Crazy Rich Asians) which is rather impressive. I feel I need to mention Ian Ho as well who was fantastic as Nicky, a very confident performance from a very young actor!

Overall I am still rather on the fence with this film and honestly not sure if I really enjoyed and liked it or not. Which I guess doesn’t really help anyone out if they are not sure about watching it. It could just be a watch and make your mind up for yourself as it covers so many different areas.