Mary Poppins Returns (2018) Review


Mary Poppins makes a magical return as she must continue to look after the Banks children. This time Michael is struggling after the death of his wife and raising his three children Anabel, John and Georgie. About to lose the house on Cherry Tree Lane his sister Jane is trying to help the best she can.


This is the film I feel as though I have been waiting for my whole entire life, considering Mary Poppins has been in it for so long. I have seriously been so excited, nervous and even maybe a little bit anxious in the wait for the release. Am I going to enjoy it? Will it be able to create a new story? Will it have throwbacks to the original?

Having now seen the film I can safely say that I loved the film. It had a little bit of everything and went on its own, but with homage to the original with the different dance sequences and some moments which I found to be extra special. I really enjoyed the songs and thought they fit very well within the story, I am looking forward to listening to them again and even seeing the film again.

We get plenty of fantasy and magic, Mary Poppins has not lost her touch and is as brilliant as ever helping all of the Banks children. Especially those who are now grown up. Jane seems to be alone and Jack the lamplighter is being pushed towards her. Jack is a great character and takes the place of Burt, always around ready for the next adventure. Anabel, John and Georgie are more grown up than they should be for children but the death of their mother has changed everything and they find themselves looking after their father Michael in the best way they possibly can. Ellen is still around in the house as well, which does create a nice link still. Wilkins in the bank, the nephew of Dawes is not as nice as he may first seem.

I found myself getting emotional at times as well with Michael really struggling with what his life has become and trying to save the family home. But when his children show him that there is more to life than objects it really does hit home.

Emily Blunt was practically perfect as Mary Poppins, see what I did with that? Ok, it was an obvious and easy pun but I really don’t care. I wasn’t overly sure about it when she was cast and very pleased to say that she has done the character proud. Getting in the one liners and reminding Michael he is still not a codfish!

I was most excited about Lin-Manuel Miranda who is huge in the Broadway/Musical Theatre world and for him to be in a film like this really is just fantastic. The man behind Hamiltion and In The Heights is a genius in creating new musicals, so to have him in a mainstream film is great to see. His accent was very good as well!

A different type of role for Colin Firth as the bad guy which is strange to get used to as we are so often used to him as the good guy. Julie Walters bringing some comedy as usual. Ben Whishaw is an actor who continues to impress me with each role. Meryl Streep with a very random accent being given a crazy song and sequence. You have to wait for the final moments for Dick Van Dyke and then followed by Angela Lansbury which are both more than worth it I promise you that!

Joel Dawson the youngest of the three children really showed an amazing performance in his first ever role! Nathanael Salem and Pixie Davies were both very impressive as well. It will be great to see what all three of them go on to do after this film.

I know the film will get some rave reviews, some average and some disappointing ones, but I for one a huge Mary Poppins fan throughly enjoyed entering back into that magical London world at Cherry Tree Lane. It was amazing to be back, with some fantastic dance sequences and engaging songs with lovely lyrics and messages attached to them.

12 thoughts on “Mary Poppins Returns (2018) Review

    • Oh yeah I had it hyped and got a bit nervous about it. But I throughly enjoyed it, didn’t want to compare with the original as I had only heard two songs. I think the key thing with a musical is listening to the songs more.


  1. I know the penguins are still going to be in this, but I didn’t know Dick Van Dyke will be too! That man is awesome. I am now all the more stoked. 🙂 Also this reminds me of that movie called Saving Mr. Banks, and how P.L. Travers wasn’t quite happy at Disney for how Marry Poppins turned out in film. She probably still won’t be happy with this one. But oh well. 🙂

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    • Yeah I don’t think she would be, but I guess her family/estate decided to cash in!

      It goes from Dick Van Dyke To Angela Lansbury and it was just an amazing end. I’m sat in the cinema to watch the film again right now!


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