Marriage Story (2019) Review


Nicole and Charlie have decided they no longer have a marriage and divorce is the only option. An intimate look into how the break up works and attempting to still keep a family together.


Marriage Story is not really a very positive film towards marriage at all, I am assuming  it will catch many people off guard. Personally I don’t believe I was emotionally prepared for what would unfold over the 2 hours and 16 minutes. That time was all efficiently used to help build up and tear down the two characters.

The opening scene is a very powerful start with a voice over from each character explaining what is so great and lovely about the other person. This was not really as it seemed, they were given this task by a divorce counsellor and the idea was to read them out loud to the other person. This was something Nicole refused to do so it would not happen, we do get some background though on how the couple met. Nicole an actress who moved to New York from LA and met director Charlie. They worked together in life and the stage, he directed her in many different plays within a theatre company they were the core.

It’s very clear to see they are both very good parents to Henry, and he is also the factor which makes everything more complicated when Nicole has the chance at a TV series and must move back to LA for this. They promised not to get lawyers involved but when that happens though you just know it is all going to get nasty. From the things we learnt about the characters this didn’t seem to be what either of them actually wanted.

One of the most powerful films I have seen in a very long time and mainly due to the truly outstanding performances. Scarlett Johansson puts in possibly a career best performance as Nicole, capturing so many emotions throughout. Then Adam Driver just decided to be unreal as Charlie. Seriously on a whole other level and one of the best performances of the year and decade. Maybe even of all time? His breakdown scene is absolutely phenomenal. Laura Dern had a small supporting role and was very impressive! Something I feel bad about is that I’d didn’t even recognise Ray Liotta.

Company is a fantastic musical and I was delighted that we get two very different scenes with two different songs from the show. You Could Drive A Person Crazy which had more of a fun element to it. The outstanding moment coming from Being Alive and Adam Driver absolutely nailing the delivering of the truly emotional song and managing to show just where Charlie is right now with this song, hopefully an Oscar confirming scene!

A unique thing about the film was that at different times you felt like you were rooting for Charlie and then Nicole and then even both of them at the same time. Although it is very clear that they shouldn’t actually be together anymore as everything would only get worse. I kinda felt that it would push you as a viewer more towards one person, but they both had moments where you then thought the other was a nicer and/or better person. That is what makes it feel so real, we all have made moments or times when we just aren’t a very nice person. Not that we actually mean it something just comes over you. Charlie and Nicole both have those moments and often relating towards Henry, who they try to keep things normal but it is a very tough situation.

This will be a film that will stay with you for a very long time afterwards it really is that powerful and emotional. It pushes your emotions all over the place when watching and I’m pretty sure I found myself crying three different times. That’s something that I feel is a massive compliment towards the film as it means I was emotionally engaged and felt for the characters and the tough times they were going through. Surely this film and the performances will be leading the way in awards season 2020!

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