Oscars 2020 – Best Actor

The varied choices for this years Best Actor in a Leading Role is a very good mix and group of performances in all honesty. All very well known actors and I think that is something that is good to see, that they keep working and choosing very impressive roles to star in good films.

Best Actor in a Leading Role 2020

Antonio Banderas – Pain and Glory (Review)
Antonio Banderas - Pain and Glory
I consider myself very lucky to have seen this film in all honesty as while it did not get a very wide UK release it had a lovely Unlimited preview at Cineworld, which is very unusual for a foreign film. I thought Banderas was utterly breathtaking in this role and was extremely happy that he has even been nominated, more than deserved. Taking on a very complex character and putting in what I truly believe is a career best performance. So while he is an outsider to win, I feel the best thing this could do is raise awareness for the film and encourage more people to watch this gem! 

Leonardo DiCaprio – Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (Review)
Leonardo DiCaprio - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
It is probably well known by now that I really did not like OUTIH and out of all the nominated films the one I just didn’t quite well get. DiCaprio is certainly one of the best actors we have around and for some of the scenes I can at least understand the nomination. I would say he has the outside chance of winning just with the film being about Hollywood and his role as an actor, you know the whole Hollywood thing! 

Adam Driver – Marriage Story (Review)
Adam Driver - Marriage Story
This would be my personal pick for the win as I just felt Driver showed amazing emotional range in the role. His amazing performance with breaking down and then even the “Being Alive” scene was all just so perfect. An original role and he excels in it so much, an amazing year for him that is for sure. 

Joaquin Phoenix – Joker (Review)
Joaquin Phoenix - Joker
This is an utterly incredible performance and very much the winner of the Oscar right? It certainly seems that way with the amount of awards Phoenix has been picking up for his Joker. It is more than deserved really, as much as I would love to see Driver win I would still be happy with this likely outcome. He take the comic villain to a different level and we see that mental health comes into play and he is haunting from start to finish. No one can deny that is an epic performance deserving of awards and critical acclaim. 

Jonathan Pryce – The Two Popes (Review)
Jonathan Pryce - The Two Popes
The Two Popes is a rather difficult film to get into, or at least I found it that way with not being religious at all. Something I could appreciate though were the performances, in particular from Pryce who has had a remarkable career and seems to be hitting new heights in recent years. Starring in Game of Thrones then opposite Glenn Close in her nominated performance in The Wife last year and now receiving a lot of credit for his performance, rightly so! I’ve followed his career for a very long time now and feel very proud for his nomination. Seems to be the least favourite with a chance to win. 

Who I want to win: Adam Driver
Who I think will win: Joaquin Phoenix
Outside Chance: Leonardo DiCaprio

Who is your favourite and who do you think you will win?

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