The Shanghai Job (2017) Review


Danny Stratton is a washed up private security agent and is given a rare opportunity for a job. He must escort a valuable Chinese antique out of Shanghai, but that was never going to go to plan and he must work hard with his team to help out the woman he is in love with.

*Orignal title S.M.A.R.T. Chase*


There is no denying why I ended up watching this film, you guessed it Orlando Bloom in the leading role. This film was only released in China last year (totally bombed at the box office) and I managed to find this on Amazon Video and bought it to then be able to stream, it is not currently included in Prime. I am therefore amusing that this film has not been very well seen, it also shows the state Orlando’s film career has ended up in as well.

Orlando leads the film as Danny and is engaging enough from start to finish in what turns out to be a very weak film. The plot does not have enough layers and well quite frankly the character development doesn’t help as a viewer wanting to see everything work out and that they succeed, with one exception.

It contains plenty of modern moments for an action film, with a droid used at key moments in an attempt to help out Danny. Ding Dong Tang, in charge of the surveillance was probably the most likeable character and his small romance was a nice little addition in an attempt to give it all more substance.

It’s great seeing Orlando Bloom in a leading role don’t get me wrong and with blonde hair again, I guess we get to see what Legolas would have looked like if he had his hair cut off like Thor. Oh I do apologise for combining a lot of fandoms together with all of that. I have always been a fan and pretty much always will be. Maybe this was his James Bond? I do hope that he will get some better roles in the future!

Lei Wu was very impressive, I thought he was such a likeable character and the performance was something that impressed me in a very lack lustre film. I guess it could have been a lot more even the fight scenes were a little bit timid when you think this is predominantly a Chinese film. With that you would certainly be expecting a little bit more. I am going to say this is a film I have watched so you don’t have to, it firmly sits in that category!


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