Oscars 2020 – Best Supporting Actress

Over the years the Best Actress in a Supporting Role race has become a lot stronger and that is certainly a very positive and good thing! Showing that the female roles are well and truly improving. Laura Dern has been running away with everything this awards season with some people arguing that Marriage Story wasn’t even her best 2019 performance thinking about her in Little Women! Being full on team Jojo Rabbit I would love to see Scarlett Johansson getting this one!

Best Actress in a Supporting Role 2020

Kathy Bates – Richard Jewell (Review)
Kathy Bates - Richard Jewell
Throughout the whole film I was waiting for the moment to find out why Kathy Bates had been Oscar nominated and it all relied on the speech she gave when standing up for her son Richard. In all fairness it probably is the weakest performance on the list but it is Kathy Bates and she is an outstanding actress. 

Laura Dern – Marriage Story (Review)
Laura Dern - Marriage Story
When I got to see Marriage Story the hype surrounding not only the film but the performances made my expectations very high. I have to admit that on first viewing I wasn’t overly blown away by Dern. But when I watched the film again I got it a little bit more and can understand it all. Interesting though that people think she was even better than this in Little Women. It doesn’t seem that she can lose this one and is the out and out favourite. She would probably be my second choice as the winner. 

Scarlett Johansson – Jojo Rabbit (Review)
Scarlett Johansson - Jojo Rabbit
This would be my pick for the winner a truly lovely and outstanding performance is a very amazing film. I am such a huge fan of Jojo Rabbit and seeing Johansson in this really is such a joy. A different type of role to what we are used to from her and I was extremely happy this made her a double nominee this year. Both performances more than deserve it, felt her on screen relationship with Roman Griffin Davis as her son was brilliant. 

Florence Pugh – Little Women (Review)
Florence Pugh - Little Women
Everyone has been raving about Florence Pugh in 2019 and calling it her breakout year, which is actually wrong. It happened in 2017 in Lady Macbeth so if you have not seen that film yet I really recommend that you do! Don’t get me wrong though she has had an amazing year and I am very pleased with that after noticing her promise back in that film. The thing is though she wasn’t even the best supporting performance in Little Women! 

Margot Robbie – Bombshell (Review)
Margot Robbie - Bombshell
I have never really been the biggest fan of Margot Robbie and felt she has been very overrated with not a lot of back it up. I am therefore pleased to say that I was very impressed with her performance in Bombshell which was certainly not an easy role at all. The phone call breakdown scene was very impressive and suddenly I am starting to see more potential with her, maybe she just needs some better roles? 

Who I want to win: Scarlett Johansson
Who I think will win: Laura Dern
Outside chance: Florence Pugh

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