7 Feel Good Films for Blue Monday!

This Monday in January is seen as being Blue Monday the most depressing day of the year, that is due to the festive period being more than over and struggling through January still waiting to be paid! Therefore I decided to put together a list of 7 feel good films which I totally love.

Isn’t escapism and being made to feel happy one of the main reasons we watch so many films? Well, it certainly is for me so I thought what better day than the most depressing of the year to think about the films that make me very happy!

Mary Poppins (Review)
What is not to feel good about during this film with plenty of incredible musical moments to love and the family getting back on track thanks to Mary! Making up magical words and especially into an incredible new world for the children. You will be smiling and singing along and not forgetting the best feel good moment with “let’s go fly a kite” seriously Mr Banks came back from a dark place for that moment!

Rocky (Review
A true underdog story and I adore Rocky, he is one of my all time favourite film characters. Everything about this shows just how you should never ever give up on your dreams. We get amazing training montage and this really set up the whole franchise to a very high standard.

Groundhog Day (Review
How can you not feel good as Phil eventually becomes a better person? We can all relate to days feeling the same and being stuck in our own Groundhog Day but when he eventually breaks the curse it really is a fantastic moment.

You’ve Got Mail (Review
I have the biggest soft spot for this film and that is why I have it on this list. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan against each other and then falling for each other with the birth of the internet involved. For those of us old enough to remember AOL and “You’ve Got Mail” as you signed in after dial-up taking forever!

Cool Runnings (Review)
A Jamaican bobsled team shock the Winter Olympics and changed opinions. Throw in John Candy in the 90s and you have one fantastic film that you will really enjoy to watch and smile from start to finish.

Sister Act (Review
This is one of my favourite childhood films and I just love Whoopi Goldberg because of it. Let’s forget that the initial reason she is pretending to be a nun is to stop getting killed by her ex-lover mobster of a boyfriend! But she manages to changes opinions and she changes too.

When Harry Met Sally (Review
I cannot get enough of this film and constantly watch it still, I am not ashamed of that as each moment is fantastic and you cannot help but related to so many parts at different stages of your own life. Not forgetting the very famous scene as well!

What are your feel good films? 


12 thoughts on “7 Feel Good Films for Blue Monday!

  1. This is a great list – in 1976, the following films were nominated for Best Picture: “All The President’s Men”, “Network”, “Taxi Driver” and the Arlo Guthrie biography “Bound For Glory” – classic films all! =Yet the winner was just as great and enduring: “Rocky!” Another cult classic for me is the Robert DeNiro/Charles Grodin buddy action-comedy “Midnight Run!” Here’s a look if you haven’t seen it – https://johnrieber.com/2014/11/28/fistophobia-the-brilliant-but-neglected-buddy-action-comedy-midnight-run/

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