Rocky (1976) Review

A small time boxer gets the opportunity of a life time a chance to fight for the heavyweight championship against Apollo Creed, in which he strives to go the distance.

Rocky doesn’t really have much going for him and while training for boxing begins dating Adrienne which I always find so cute watching. Yes I used the word cute about a Rocky film and Sylvester Stallone, but it is so innocent with the relationship. They both just seem so young and unsure of how to act towards one another. The ice skating rink and then getting a place together. Nothing is over the top and we don’t see too much, which I think makes it an even stronger on-screen relationship.

When Apollo Creed the current world heavyweight champion suddenly doesn’t have an opponent for an up and coming bout they decide to find a local fighter from Philadelphia and it is the Italian Stallion Rocky that they decide to pick. All of this because pretty crazy for Rocky who is not used to the press attention and seems very confused by it all. You have to admit though the training scenes are just brilliant and using raw meat to help his training.

Creed is very arrogant and thinks the fight is really going to be no problem for him at all, not taking his own training seriously just thinking that he has to turn up and knock Rocky out. But Rocky along with his trainer Mickey and friend Paulie are making sure he is going to give it his best shot. You are totally on his side and really find yourself in his corner. Throwing every punch he throws at Creed and feeling his pain when he gets hit over and over again.

It really is one of those films that you cannot help but loving. It has a little bit of everything and still so enjoyable to this day, it has a certain innocence to it all and let’s face it everyone loves a good underdog story. This is the ultimate underdog story. It hasn’t really aged that much to this and is still as good as ever when you watch it. You find yourself still supporting Rocky and respecting everything he stands for.

The more I watch this film (and the series) the more I love it. It really does have a bit of everything and you cannot help but support Rocky until the very end.

5 thoughts on “Rocky (1976) Review

  1. Good review Caz. It’s obvious and hokey, but I still love it no matter what. Being a Philly boy, born and raised, I guess I sort of am inclined to love this.


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