Mary Poppins (1964) Review

Magical nanny Mary Poppins shows up just at the right time for the Banks family. Helping Jane and Michael to understand that their father does indeed love and care for them, as he goes through a difficult time at work.

Having been to the cinema to see ‘Saving Mr Banks’ on Friday I just felt like I had to watch Mary Poppins last night. It truly is such a brilliant film experience and one I have enjoyed since I can remember. I was quite shocked to see that I had not reviewed the film on this blog. So what better time to do it after another viewing last night.

As a child everyone wishes that they had a nanny like Mary Poppins so you could laugh to get on the ceiling, jump into chalk drawings, your favourite flavour for medicine and not forgetting being able to snap your fingers to tidy everything up. It really is such a magical film to watch as a child but as an adult it still an incredible watch. You can sing-a-long with all of the songs and it really will put a smile on your face.

When you look at the themes in the story about Mr Banks who pushes his children aside for his job and forgets to have a life outside of the bank then that is something that still carries a message to this day. Obviously he gets his defining moment in the end in possibly one of the most feel good moments in film and all that took was a kite! It really does manage to carry the messages through and you must remember in life that you will get chances and you never know who may come into your life to save and even change you.

This film was Julie Andrew’s first motion picture and she picked but the Best Actress Oscar for her performance, very well deserved as this is such a memorable performance which is one of the reasons she is still so loved and appreciated to this day. To many generations of children they have grown up with Mary Poppins in their lives and love her just as much as Jane and Michael did.

The least said about Dick Van Dyke as Burt and his random cockney accent the better really. Although now it is pretty special because everyone knows it’s not quite right. He does manage to bring an extra element of fun as you cannot help but love Burt. Is a slight romance hinted at between Burt and Mary? I guess a tiny little bit but not too much!

This really is one of my favourite films, it still carries so much magic to this very day and I will never get sick of watching it! What does Mary Poppins mean to you?

3 thoughts on “Mary Poppins (1964) Review

  1. This movie is Walt Disney, perhaps the greatest story teller of the century, at his joyful, magical, whimsical best. Had he left no other mark, this movie would make him immortal.


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