Sister Act (1992) Review

When Deloris Van Cartier a lounge singer witnesses a mob hit she must go into hiding and poses as a nun Sister Mary Clarence.

Now this is going to be a very difficult review to write as I totally love this film, I have seen it so many times it would be impossible to count. It was one of my favourite films as a kid and I still love watching it now. It makes you smile and laugh out loud throughout as a lot of it is very tongue in cheek. It isn’t long before the lounge singer becomes involved in the choir, taking charge and actually helping them to sing!

Obviously she totally forgets that she is supposed to be hiding out, really getting into being a nun and helping out the local community. Taking some very well-known songs and changing them to a religious theme, such as instead of my guy . . . my God! It really is such a fun film which you won’t be able to help but enjoy. I mean who doesn’t just love Whoopi Goldberg?

I see this film as one of my feel good/pick me up films as it never fails but to make me smile even on the worst of days. It has such a charm that you cannot escape from. It is there to really enjoy from start to finish, not having to really think about it, it’s just fun and sometimes you just need to watch a film like this to totally chill out.

Singing and slightly dancing nuns in a Church, I am sure that would encourage more people to attend Church! I mean they really do become such a good choir with the whole pop music wrapped into the songs. Something about singing nuns just seems to work (The Sound of Music, being another). This is also a film I find strange if someone has not seen it. Now I have avoided the musical stage version, just wasn’t sure how it would work with all new songs!

The added bonus of Harvey Keitel as the mob boss is just brilliant. So please say you have also seen and love this film!!!

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